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This is pretty long overdue, but all I’ve been doing since we got back from our little field trip to Boston is sleeping and going to doctor offices and confirming that I do indeed have a mono relapse. (Ugh)

Anyhow, last Saturday we went up to Boston to play a show at Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge.  Jake from Parasol set it up for us and let us crash at their place (in the LIBRARY that is in their house, pictured above…needless to say I got way excited about it, as usual) and cooked us dinner.  It was so great and it was nice to be with friends from kind-of-but-not-so-far-away.  We were supposed to tour up there, but I couldn’t play our Asbury show because I was insanely sick and our Friday show fell through, but I am more than glad that we made our little field trip anyway and that I braved the feelings of deathly sick lingering over my body and mind.

The show was with Catnaps from Philly, who were adorable and awesome, and Peeple Watchin’- Jake’s other pop-punk band who are also great!  I also got to meet Nate and his friends in real life.  They were so nice and we got to hang out during the show and talk about Mischief Brew and Cheese and Crackers and other great things.  I didn’t want to leave Boston (or Jake’s house for that matter!) buuuuuut….

Then, to continue our cutesy weekend we raced back to New Brunswick through crazy rain and HAIL and rainbows (after hitting Veggie Galaxy for breakfast followed by record stores, of course) for our show with Sourpatch, Swearin’, and Black Wine.  It was raining again and everyone was packed inside The Alamo, but that only made it more fun!  I got to meet David IRL at this show and he let me borrow his copy of “Why are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?”, which I started reading a few days ago.  He was super nice as well and even offered to help us carry stuff.  Kyle made me some hot water right before out set so I could try my best to sing through our set with my mono throat issues.  Kyle and Nneka rule!  (not that we didn’t know that already ;P) They kept checking in with me to make sure I was okay.

Even though I felt awful all weekend, as soon as we started playing our sets, all of the sick feelings went away.  It was pretty magical.  Best weekend.  I wish I had brought an actual camera!

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